We make it our business, to know your business

At Corporate Legal, we take the time to understand our clients and to understand their businesses. Each business has its own history and its own way of operation. Each business sits within an industry but does something different to others that also sit within that industry. At Corporate Legal, we make sure to understand it.

We get to know your business. We get to know how you run your accounts. We get to know your systems and processes. We get to know your goals and objectives. We believe that by understanding your business, we can ensure that our legal services can be properly tailored to allow your business to achieve its desired goals.

We are also unlike other law firms when it comes to fees, particularly with debt recovery where we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you fixed fees. If we are helping you recover bad debts, we want you to know exactly what the cost to benefit ratio is on each account.


That is why we do not bill by the hour. We make sure you know exactly what it will cost for each stage of the process from the outset so that you can make an informed decision from the beginning, and be able to make a proper calculation when deciding what your return on investment is.

We are able to offer fixed fees because we take the time to understand your business from the outset. This ensures that we are not interrupting the flow and progress of your matter to collect information from you that we believe we should already know and understand from the outset. If your business is in printing, we will learn about the entire printing process and all of your equipment and models. If you are in the hospitality industry, we will learn about your delivery and drop off process.

We make it our business, to know your business.