If you are the owner of commercial or retail premises, you will need to enter into a lease agreement with your tenant. The lease agreement is an important legal document that contains the terms and conditions governing the tenant's stay on your premises. Some of the terms that get included in your lease agreement include what your tenant can and can't do on the premises, what kind of business they can operate on your premises, how much and how often they need to pay rent, what happens if they do not pay rent, what happens if they cause damage to the property, and what kind of insurance policies they need to take out. The lease agreement becomes a very important document down the track if ever a problem arises with your tenant, as it provides clarity on the rights, obligtions and remedies available to each party.


If you are operating a business and wish to enter into a lease, you will need to retain a lawyer to review the lease agreement. Your lawyer will go through the lease agreement with you, ensure you understand its terms and conditions, make recommendations of amendments which should be made to the lease to allow you greater flexibility and freedom under the lease, and negotiate with the landlord to have those amendments incorporated into the lease. Your lawyer will also ensure that your lease is registered on the title of the property so that your interest can be easily identified and recognised by others who have an interest in the property.

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